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city hike

I work with a lovely group of grad students who are studying Integrating the Arts Across the Curriculum. The other day we took a field trip to the Olympic Sculpture Park to celebrate some winter sunshine with creative writing. Here are some things we saw along the way:

A pigeon.

A spool of thread hanging from a lamp post.


And here are some of the things we worked on. A collaborative haiku inspired by gravel:

this gravel is damp

it looks like kitty litter

keep socks and shoes on

And my own haiku inspired by Richard Serra’s Wake:

red, rusty knife edge

cutting a slice of soft sky

peppered with seagulls


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Ball Point Pen


It’s an unlikely medium, but I’ll admit to drawing with ball point pens and enjoying it more than the fancy archival inks.

Last summer when I was traveling solo in Japan, I drew these three pieces. Pulling out a ball point pen and a scrap of paper on the train put me in the doodling mind-set. I wasn’t worried about the product so much as just experiencing the process. Something akin to passing the time in a boring lecture.

Yes there are weird blotches here and there, but there is also a sketchy quality that more permanent inks can’t achieve. And I always have random pens in my bag so there’s no excuse not to draw… always.


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