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quick quick quick

Three quick sketches to share. I find that working quickly, and often, helps me from being blocked when it comes to the bigger projects. I hope!

 a new title page for my “Snail Joy” dummy

an image I saw in a magazine. interesting to try and pinpoint what determines age in a face.

playing in the rhubarb patch, or Hooray for Spring!


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my favorite rejection so far

I submitted my story Snail Joy to Candlewick Press recently, aaaand I was rejected. BUT I received a very nice handwritten note from Art Resources Coordinator, Anne Moore, in which she calls it a “sweetly written story” and suggests another publisher with a focus on nature publishing for children. I certainly will check it out.

I’ve submitted six or seven times over the last five years- mainly my book “where do pumpkins come from” and now recently my snail story. I have found personalized feedback to be rare, or non-existent to be more precise. So this is encouraging!

Me and my note.

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a new project

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I’ve been in the midst of incubating a new idea. When I brought this idea up with my critique group, they weren’t completely confused and I’m taking that as a good sign. Although there are still many unknowns, it’s basically a wordless story that incorporates cycling, world travel, and nonsensical animal characters. Good stuff!

Here’s my first stab at a final piece, although it is only partially drawn.

And here is my arch nemesis. She who hides all my best erasers.

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