my favorite rejection so far

I submitted my story Snail Joy to Candlewick Press recently, aaaand I was rejected. BUT I received a very nice handwritten note from Art Resources Coordinator, Anne Moore, in which she calls it a “sweetly written story” and suggests another publisher with a focus on nature publishing for children. I certainly will check it out.

I’ve submitted six or seven times over the last five years- mainly my book “where do pumpkins come from” and now recently my snail story. I have found personalized feedback to be rare, or non-existent to be more precise. So this is encouraging!

Me and my note.


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  1. When I get letters like this, or emails that say, “Thank you for considering us and submitting an application but we have determined without even meeting you that you would suck at this job.” , I ask myself, “Who misses more baskets? Me or Kobe?”

    *I didn’t miss any baskets last week*

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