painting, drawing, writing, rhyming

For the past two days I’ve been pretending that I’m a REAL illustrator. I took time off from workwork in order to log some hours at the drawing table and immerse myself in my otherwork. I promised myself I would spend at least 7 hours a day working. That means, writing, revising, painting, sketching, researching, reading blogs and newsletters, stretching paper, and even running to the post office to send off a last minute submission. Phew. It’s actually quite easy to fill my time.

As far as progress on my new project goes, I finished two pieces and I wrote a poem to go with the previously wordless story. I always promised myself I wouldn’t be that person, who writes pitiable poetry and calls it a children’s book. Yet I keep coming back to rhyming verse when I sit down at the computer, so I won’t fight it for now.

Here are two images that I am fairly satisfied with… I’ll try to work up the courage to share words too when they’re ready.



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