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October is really here

As the weather in Seattle finally turned for good, Chris (the husband) had his long awaited knee surgery. I’ve taken the past few days off of work to help him out, which also makes me the recipient of a windfall of drawing and painting time.

So just a few new things to share. A sinister forest for the Here We Go Crowd…

And more sketches for Apollo and Lucia. I’m working on getting their features consistent from one drawing to the next.


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Apollo and Lucia

Recently a friend gave me her story to read- it’s an imaginative tale about two children who wake up one day and find that the ocean has disappeared, and together they embark on an adventure to figure out where it has gone. Lovely stuff, and with themes of imagination and environmentalism, it’s right up my alley!

I’ve been working on a few character sketches for the children in the story- their names are Apollo and Lucia.


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colorful cuteness and this guy

Dallas Clayton, author of An Awesome Book, has another book called An Awesome Book of Thanks. He sums it up with this statement: “basically every character in the book is played by Ben Kingsley.” We can only assume this includes rocket powered unicorns.

These are indeed awesome books. You can view and purchase both at his website:


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