At the Beach

Blizzards, ice storms and floods? I’ve been dreaming up warm, sunny beach scenes instead.

Here is a cropped version of Apollo and Lucia at the beach. Cropped because, as usual my scanner is too small for the paper I’ve been using. I had a few frustrating moments with this piece. I know I could improve the characters and there is a pretty big mistake in the water… we’ll see when I have time to try it again. This scene would take place before the Ocean mysteriously disappears, by the way.

And here is a photo of myself at the beach circa 1984. I hope everyone out there is staying safe and warm!


1 Comment

  1. Wow! This is a beautiful piece, Hillary! And I love the baby photo! You had the cutest bowl-cut in the world… No, seriously. I’m impressed with your work in the details and the layering of the colors!

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