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jellyfish gazing

I’ve been working on this piece sloooowly for a few weeks now in order to have a black and white piece ready for the SCBWI conference in April. Turns out April is right around the corner. How did that happen?



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Here We Go… again… and again

Here are three drafts of the crowd piece from Here We Go. I don’t usually redo my work this many times, but this piece is an important one- a wordless spread that is at the climax of the book.

I didn’t even finish this first one because of issues with the ink I was using.

This second try looks good in color copies and especially on the computer screen…

but this last version is my favorite in terms of composition and it’s consistency with the other artwork for the book.

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color and critters

I dug up some markers from a hidden basement corner, thinking it might be fun to play around with them. And indeed, color is fun!


There is very little pressure to get an image right when you are working with crappy crayola markers on scraps of paper. I think my animal mindedness of late is coming from the blog Animalarium. It’s all animal illustrations, all the time, from all around the world. Definitely worth a peek.


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