the conference is acoming

It is about a week until the annual SCBWI Western Washington conference, which means I’ve been working less on actual illustrations and more on constructing my portfolio.

This has meant troubleshooting seemingly small issues, such as how to keep everything landscape oriented so that viewers don’t have to turn the portfolio back and forth… or debating whether I should choose a piece that I love but copies poorly, or a piece that is so so, but looks good when it’s reproduced.

You can see that I’ve chosen to split a lot of images to make them fit the way I want, which creates a gutter like a picture book, but it also creates an empty space to one side of the image. ¬†Altogether it might not be the most professional looking presentation, but if it looked too slick it wouldn’t be a great reflection of me and my work anyway.

Next on my list is updating my website and other online presences, then researching all the big names, publishers and agents who will be there. Really good times when it’s finally sunny outside!



  1. I had no idea! You go girl. It looks great. Don’t over think it. You are your own worst critic and most ardent fan. Go with the fan part.

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