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for Illustration Friday:

I figure I might as well submit this piece that I blogged about the other day… which means featuring it in its own post.



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My Very Own Illustration Friday

Has anyone participated in illustration friday? It’s a site that offers a weekly prompt for illustrators who then have a week to create a piece. There is a featured piece chosen for each round of submissions. Check it out.

I set aside some quality time at my art table today, but without a firm idea of what I wanted to work on. So I checked illustration friday for a prompt and came back with “faded.”

Faded made me think of old jeans, worn soft from years of wearing. (This made me wonder- when was the last time I wore jeans? The memory of jeans is fading and is replaced by maternity pants that I have to pull up every two minutes.) So I came up with this little drawing.

I was also excited to try out some recently purchased gouache. The bold colors make me happy!

And lastly, I’ve been thinking about ideas for a mural drawing on the wall of the baby’s room. Here is one idea that I don’t plan on using, but I still like. The bear is blatantly copied- does anyone know where from?

Happy long weekend everyone!


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five books and a baby

I don’t think I ever announced my pregnancy to the blogosphere, but it’s true. I’m due in July. Here is a picture to confirm this craziness:

I’m standing in my studio that’s being slowly converted into a nursery.

Anyhow, Chris and I had some of our favorite Chicagoans visiting the other weekend and they surprised us with the most amazing gift: a little kids’ backpack in the shape of an owl, filled with board books! Each one is such a treasure- a few old favorites, a few that are becoming new classics, and one that is delicious. See if you can guess which is which:


I’ve been reading these to the baby (talk about a captive audience) and I’m getting some good kicks in response. He or She especially seems to like Harry the Dirty Dog, in which Harry starts off as a white dog with black spots, but after a day of playing in the dirt and sliding down the coal shoot, he becomes a black dog with white spots. It’s a simple, funny, sweet story. I think baby already has good taste in picture books.


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