five books and a baby

I don’t think I ever announced my pregnancy to the blogosphere, but it’s true. I’m due in July. Here is a picture to confirm this craziness:

I’m standing in my studio that’s being slowly converted into a nursery.

Anyhow, Chris and I had some of our favorite Chicagoans visiting the other weekend and they surprised us with the most amazing gift: a little kids’ backpack in the shape of an owl, filled with board books! Each one is such a treasure- a few old favorites, a few that are becoming new classics, and one that is delicious. See if you can guess which is which:


I’ve been reading these to the baby (talk about a captive audience) and I’m getting some good kicks in response. He or She especially seems to like Harry the Dirty Dog, in which Harry starts off as a white dog with black spots, but after a day of playing in the dirt and sliding down the coal shoot, he becomes a black dog with white spots. It’s a simple, funny, sweet story. I think baby already has good taste in picture books.


  1. Harry the Dirty Dog is one of Elijah’s favorites…really…he reaches for it at bed time again and again…and has now taken to acting it our while I read it.

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