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my new yorker confession

It amounts to this: I don’t read the New Yorker, yet I’ve been a cover aficionado for decades. My grandparents were New Yorker readers (they were wonderfully well-read) and when I was a teenager I asked if I could have the magazines after they were finished with them. I would carefully cut off the cover, toss the magazine, and then add the image to a colorful wall paperish montage on my bedroom wall.

My good friend since high school, Nina, recently gave me these covers that she found at a Brooklyn flea market:

I love how artful and conceptual they are.

Today I live with a New Yorker reader and I confess that I still rarely open the magazine. I admire those who have the grit to read it each week, but it feels too overwhelming as they pile up all around the house (Chris literally just walked by with a magazine in hand and said I have no excuse).

Incidentally, I was just checking out the Blown Covers weekly illustration contest (thanks again to Sarah for a good recommendation) and I came across a bunch of the images from my bedroom wall a la 1996. Maybe its a sign that I should submit something one of these weeks.



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A few weeks ago I wrote about how my studio space is slowly being converted into the baby’s room (babies need an incredible amount of stuff). So here is another big step in that direction: the baby room mural.

I was inspired by this project by a Brazilian artist that recently took place at the Olympic Sculpture Park here in Seattle. Her line drawings of waves are simply gorgeous.

Sandra Cinto’s Encontras das Aguas

So I invested in a few paint pens and went to work.

This is after a few hours of planning, sketching onto the wall, and then drawing in the lines with an oil based Sharpie paint pen.

Here are a few details. Of course I couldn’t resist including snails and birds. The drawings surround the inside of the door to the room, so you have to walk all the way in and turn around to see them.

And this is what it looks like altogether after Chris helped me erase a million pencil lines. I definitely recommend this as a simple, minimally messy way to mural.


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