my new news

I’m going to try and write this post without using the words amazing or awesome because I tend to overuse them when I’m excited.

I have an agent! I am now represented by Marietta Zacker of Nancy Gallt Literary Agency. I can’t explain how thrilled I am, except to say that Lucy and I have been celebrating by waltzing around the house. Marietta is a genuinely kind person with excellent taste (and I’m not saying that because she likes my work, but because we have a very similar list of favorite books). Here is a book she recommended to me that I fell instantly in love with:

It’s called Friends, by Helme Heine, and the story is a rambling day in the life of three best friends who do everything together, from fishing to bicycle riding. I am especially charmed by the illustrations and their combination of beauty and humor.

Getting back to my news, although it’s beyond good, there is also a bittersweet element since Nancy Gallt’s agency is located in New Jersey and they have been dealing with the craziness of the recent hurricane. It’s the kind of disaster that can feel far away until you start thinking about how connected we all are, so I’m sending positive thoughts to family and friends and new agents alike who are dealing with the aftermath of the storm.

Ok, I made it… But it IS pretty damn amazing, awesome, exciting news!



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