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This cat character has been showing up in my sketchbook recently. I’ll call him Felix after my friend’s cat who is absolutely enormous. He will bat chips out of your hand and gobble them up, no joke.

cats in pajamas  cat in pajamas with bird

I’m developing a little story about him and his pajama wearing alter-ego who goes on night time adventures. More on that to come…





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HOORAY only has six letters

hooray for cupcakes copy

I made these cake decoration flags for a friend who recently got engaged. The original plan was to say CONGRATULATIONS, but I quickly realized what a lengthy word it is- fifteen letters. Yikes.

So HOORAY is was.


It’s super easy. Here’s how I did it.

1) Paint some quick washes of watercolor on semi-thick drawing paper and wait for it to dry. (You could also simply start with colored paper… I’m just addicted to watercolor.)

2) Cut out a diamond shaped template from a scrap of the paper. Fold it in half and make sure the triangle is the size and shape you want. I made mine about an inch long from base to point.

3) Trace the template on the painted paper, one for each flag you need. For HOORAY, plus an extra flag on either end, I traced eight. Cut the diamonds out, fold each in half to make triangles, and trim any mismatched bits.

4) Write the letters or patterns you want to use on the triangles. Cut a length of string. Glue each triangle together around the piece of string and press together firmly. The string should run along the folded edges of each triangle.

5) Tie the ends of the string to two skewers and decorate something delicious.


PS. I chose not to use watercolor paper because it was too thick. Drawing paper buckled a bit when painted on, but once it’s glued and pressed together, it’s the perfect thickness.

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a vignette

Recently I was thinking about my tendency to fill the page with my illustrations. They almost all bleed right to the edges of the paper.

For a change I just completed this little painting that I envision taking up a corner on a title page spread. I found it’s hard for me to know when to stop and let the white space be white space. I’ll have to keep practicing…

they went to sea

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