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the dollhouse effect part II

Just thought I’d share the final product of the post on my self coined term “the dollhouse effect.” Or at least as much as would fit on my scanner.

cat's dollhouse


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new art supplies and Old Bailey

I love new art supplies. Look how bright and clean and promising they are.

new art supplies

Moments after taking this photo I discovered that the gray and ochre pens I was so excited about aren’t water proof, but I can’t complain as it led to some happy accidents and interesting effects. Why doesn’t Micron make gray or ochre pens? Someone out there should…

Anyhow, my favorite purchase was a Derwent Inktense pencil in neutral grey. It’s like a watercolor pencil, but ink, so once it’s dry you can work over it with other media. I loved the textural sooty effect and ended up straying from my portfolio work to create this little sketch based on the Old Bailey character from Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. Which I’m currently reading and which I love.

old bailey

Old Bailey was not, intrinsically, one of those people put in the world to tell jokes. Despite this handicap, he persisted in trying.


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a new crowd

I was hanging out with these characters all weekend.

triangle crowd

They came from an assignment that I’ve been working on for the upcoming SCBWI conference, where I’ll be doing a workshop with Patti Ann Harris, senior art director at Little Brown. For homework she gave us a manuscript to develop a sketch for, then we submit it and get feedback from her, and finally we develop a final piece to bring to the workshop. This wasn’t the piece that I decided to submit, but I went ahead and painted it as a portfolio builder anyway.


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