that happened… some conference reflections

The SCBWI conference was just over a week ago and it’s about time I read back through my notes, follow up with some research and write a bit about it. After some reflection I think these are my two big take aways:

1. Keep Drawing! Fill up sketchbooks, draw every day, play, have fun and share my work. (I believe that counts as one thing.)

2. Use my ideas, spend it all. Sophie Blackall talked about that “best piece of paper” that you save and save for a collage you’ll make one day… and then you never use it. I’ve totally done this and regretted it.

Anyhow, have you checked out the work of some local talent?

Ariel Tobin Smith, Lisa Mundorff, Jess Fogel, and Carrie O’Neill. Congratulations to Lisa who won the portfolio show! She’s one of those lovely, kind people who you feel like you’ve known for years.

And then there is some nationally recognized talent that I’ve started watching, thanks to a workshop with Colleen Venable.


“Introvert” by Noelle Stevenson, aka Gingerhaze


Lucy Knisley


Eleanor Davis… love love love.

Ok and one more by Gingerhaze because I can’t resist. Fellowship relationships:




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