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books in heavy rotation

Every evening we put Lucy down in her crib and turn on her radiohead lullaby cd. Then we proceed to sit on the floor and read stories. I have been including old fashioned fairy tales and Beatrix Potter- the wordy stuff seems to do the trick getting her to sleep. But in the mix are certainly some picture books that I don’t mind reading again and again. Here’s what I have in my current rotation:

the-moon-jumpers cover

the moon jumpers jump

The Moon Jumpers, by Janice May Udry, illustrated by Maurice Sendak

Summer night is the cool dark grass|And big tired trees|With the moon sailing|On a wind.

I think that quote sums up the gorgeous text, which follows four children as they explore the night time. The images alternate between black and white drawings and lush full page bleeds in greens and blues and purples. I’m always looking for night time illustrations and these are my new favorites! The book reminds me of childhood summer nights when the air is warm and the moon is out. Perfect for climbing trees and running around barefoot on the grass.

jumpy jack and googlily cover jumpy jack and googlily in a tree

Jumpy Jack & Googlily, by Meg Rosoff, illustrated by Sophie Blackall

A scaredy snail is terrified of monsters around every corner, but his best friend reassures him there’s nothing to be afraid of. I love how simply funny and sweet this story is. It gives the reader a chance to be one step ahead of the characters, which is always fun when you are little and you are just a wee bit frightened of what’s under the bed.


wild horses 3

The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses, written and illustrated by Paul Goble

Our neighbors gave this to Lucy yesterday- one of those Christmas presents you forget to give until June (thanks Marilyn and Rick!). And I’m in love with the illustrations. When I’m reading it I actually forget to turn the page and read the text because I’m soaking in his intricate yet bold style of painting. He is able to compose his spreads is a way that combines pattern and white space so effectively. A balance I’ve been striving for in my own artwork.


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creative flow

I’ve been trying and trying to keep my creativity flowing, even on days when I have no original ideas what so ever.

I know that one day away from my art can quickly turn into two weeks, so one thing I’ve been trying is this little exercise- find a snippet of someone’s work that you admire, and copy it.

No pressure and no big deal if it doesn’t turn out quite right, but there’s a lot of opportunity for learning new ways to do things. Here are some recent copies I’ve done:

Zwerger PoppiesLisbeth Zwerger poppies

Blackall PeopleSophie Blackall people

Muth Watercolor KidsJon Muth’s watercolor characters

What other ideas are out there for keeping up your creative flow?


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