creative flow

I’ve been trying and trying to keep my creativity flowing, even on days when I have no original ideas what so ever.

I know that one day away from my art can quickly turn into two weeks, so one thing I’ve been trying is this little exercise- find a snippet of someone’s work that you admire, and copy it.

No pressure and no big deal if it doesn’t turn out quite right, but there’s a lot of opportunity for learning new ways to do things. Here are some recent copies I’ve done:

Zwerger PoppiesLisbeth Zwerger poppies

Blackall PeopleSophie Blackall people

Muth Watercolor KidsJon Muth’s watercolor characters

What other ideas are out there for keeping up your creative flow?



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4 responses to “creative flow

  1. Thomas

    This works for me: 1.) Exercise. Walking is great. More strenuous exercise puts me in touch with my emotions too…weird. 2.) Do a menial task that you don’t want to do. My mind rebels with an anything-but-this, let’s-try-this-crazy-thing-instead! reaction. Is copying art like doing a cover song, the same, but in a different voice?

  2. walking is great for me too. I work through blocks that way. And I’ve heard that lots of people have creative breakthroughs while doing menial tasks- while driving or in the shower- those times that your mind can wander in a certain way.

  3. These are great Hillary. I agree, my mind flows when the body moves.

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