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banishing outlines

I remember reading Ben Clanton’s blog awhile back and learning about how he keeps watercolor sketchbooks. What a great idea. Watercolor without the planning, the stretching of paper, the worrying about how much a single sheet costs.

In the spirit of making watercolor less of a precious process and more of an every day affair (an idea I also referred to in this previous post), I’ve been doing little watercolor doodles most days. Here are a few samples.

rabbit character

freehand birds

river with fox

And of course the hedgehogs! Thanks for all of the feedback here and on FB. It looks like number three “wins by a spine,” as my friend Mimi put it. Number two is a very close second thanks to his socks.

This little practice has made me realize how much I’ve been relying on pen and ink lines, and I’m hoping to experiment more with a less controlled style in some of my final paintings too. It’s freeing to just put the brush to the paper, without a tightly planned idea in mind.


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