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mia goes MIA and a little side project

I haven’t posted for awhile. Just about two weeks ago I broke my wrist from a fall as I was walking our dog, Mia. This was right as Chris was leaving town for a funeral of a family member. And then in all the confusion of wrist surgery, pain killers, packing, and chasing after a toddler, we left the gate open and Mia ran away.

Our friends and family mobilized immediately. It was incredible to see how many people went out looking for her, posted signs, contacted shelters, and posted on Facebook. Over 24 hours later I got a call from the shelter saying that she had been picked up by animal control and she was safe and sound. What a relief!

To say thank you to our friends and family who helped out, I attempted a little side project which involved making three batches of my favorite granola recipe (From Orangette! One of the best food blogs around), and these little thank you tags. I drew each one by hand so they are all slightly different.



So it was a very happy ending. Thank you again to everyone who helped us in a crazy time. And here’s a photo of Mia after her big adventure (looking a little guilty I think) with one of her biggest fans.




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illustration friday: reflect


happy new year!

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