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running away to join the moth pirates

Some seeds of a new story are growing in my mind. (It started with this moth pirate here.) Here are a few preliminary drawings.

moth pirates.walk the plankmoth pirates.flying


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octopus aeronaut meets pig sailors

octopus to the rescue  pig sailors


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late night drawings

I usually stick to new year’s resolutions for about three months. There’s something about March that seems to derail me from yoga, healthy eating, learning a new language, etc. Yes, I know it’s only February, but I’m thinking that posting about my resolution periodically might help me stick to it.

My resolution this year is to draw every day. Even if it’s a little doodle right before going to bed. Which is by and large the extent of what I’ve been doing. I now have quite a collection of pencils amassed near my bed. Here are a few samples from my sketchbook:

late night drawings 4late night drawings 3late night drawings 2  mia skating  late night drawings

Have you tried a similar resolution? Let me know how it went and whether you have tips for sticking with it.

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