Blueberries for Lucy

Yesterday was Lucy’s birthday- 2 years old! and we spent the morning at a U-Pick blueberry farm. In large part this was inspired by Lucy’s love of blueberries and in small part it was inspired by her love of the book Blueberries for Sal.


The story, by Robert McCloskey, is about a mother and daughter who go blueberry picking and a bear mama and her cub who go blueberry eating. Somewhere along the way they get all mixed up with each other.



I’ve also loved this book since I was young. It was something about the symmetry of a human mother focused on picking blueberries to can for the winter and a bear mother focused on eating blueberries and storing up fat for the winter. Meanwhile Little Sal and Little Bear are wandering and eating berries the way young ones tend to do, regardless of species.


The illustrations are all block prints in dark navy blue and McCloskey’s characters are amazingly animated given the static nature of this medium. But these days what I love most is this juxtaposition:

blueberries for sal3 photo 3

Happy Birthday Lucy!


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