postcards… your thoughts?


It’s time for me to have some new illustrator postcards made. I’m thinking of having a main image on the front with a smaller, spot illustration on the back with the text. Here are my main options. I’d love to hear what you think!

they sailed away   pig sailors

Option one- boats!

(front image “they sailed away,” back image “pig sailors”)



good morning lazy cat crop   cat on branch painting

Option two- Cat’s Pajamas

(front image “good morning lazy cat,” back image “cat in tree”)


cat on branch painting  green pjs

Option three- Cat’s Pajamas

(front image “cat in tree,” back image “green pajamas”)


1 Comment

  1. I received lots of great feedback on FB. Looks like option number 2 is the winner with six votes, followed by option number 1 with three votes. Cat’s Pajamas it is. Thanks everyone!

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