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drawing from life

I thought I’d share this progression of drawings that I did last Friday (I’ve always stayed home on Fridays, but now that Lucy is in preschool on Friday mornings and Aki is usually napping, it’s become my dedicated illustration time).

First I sketched from photographs. I’m lucky to have a couple of willing models.

Aki sketches

Lucy sketches


Then I did some stylized drawings where I worked on simplifying the line and gesture.

Lucy sketches 1


And lastly I painted a little character that grew out of it all.

Lucy sketches 2


It’s so hot and summery around here! I hope everyone is staying cool.



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recommendations: Lucy’s two favorite books

How sweet was it to read this post on 100 Scope Notes? It’s about THE LITTLE GARDENER by Emily Hughes and the virtue of the quiet book.


It looks so up my alley: a little thumb sized gardener surrounded by lush, textured plants. Quiet but full of vibrant details.  I can’t wait to see these colored pencil illustrations in person.

But the real recommendations I want to share are coming from Lucy. She has become very, very attached to a few books. She’s never had a blanket or a lovey, instead she has the WORD BOOK and EVERYWHERE BABIES.

the word book   everywhere babies

The WORD BOOK, or My First Words, is really just a collection of pictures and words, but  it has become a platform for creative storytelling, and Lucy has loved it into a torn, duct taped mess. EVERYWHERE BABIES is amazing. Every time I read it I marvel at Marla Frazee and her keen eye for illustrating people of all ages.

But don’t take my word for it. (In case you aren’t hip to reading rainbow, that’s me doing LeVar Burton).

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Ada at Sunset


Not only did I finish this painting during the day, but Aki didn’t wake up at all last night. Yay and yay!

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painting at night

When your day job keeps you up at night, you can always work on painting brick patterns.

Aki woke up at 2:00 this morning and per the pediatrician’s recommendation, I didn’t feed him. But after it started to get light outside (surprise- that happens at 4:00 these days!), I finally gave in. Of course, just because the baby is finally asleep doesn’t mean I can fall back asleep. After trying to shut my brain off for another hour I gave up and worked on this painting. It’s getting close and I’ll be excited to share when it’s done.

adaatsunset 1   adaatsunset 2

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