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Mia sleeping

Goodbye to our

nub wagging

star stamping

stick chasing

nose itching

gentle spirited


Mia skating


Mia flying

Mia was the best, and so fun to draw. I believe that many people have Mia shaped holes in their hearts now, but very fond memories of this unforgettable pup.



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birds, babies and other little characters

The accordion book project (process really) is finally over, as is my weekend adventuring. These little books made it from Lake Ozette to the Hood Canal and all the way over to Mazama.

Here they are all lined up.

accordian books 4

I admit to a new obsession with birds.

accordian books 2 copy

accordian books 5

I enjoyed copying some interesting characters and then trying to “translate” them into new iterations of themselves.accordion books 3

And lastly, here is a little peek into Aki and Lucy’s favorite things about camping.

accordion books

Have a happy weekend!

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accordion books in progress

Camping was a sweet change of pace- a whole week outside with the kiddos, not to mention a whole week sleeping in a tent with the kiddos. All in all it was wonderful, but not the boon of extra illustration time I was hoping for.

I managed to work on my tiny accordion books here and there so I’ll include a few pictures of the work in progress. We’re headed out of town again tomorrow for a weekend in a cabin in Mazama, so maybe I’ll magically get some time there to keep working on this.

I’ll let you know 🙂

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

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