picture books to read again and again

I was putting together my wish list recently and a few picture books rose to the top (a few picture books rise to the top every year.) So I thought I’d share some ideas for anyone looking for book-gifts for the young ones in your life.

On a Magical Do-Nothing Day, by Beatrice Alamegna


This book is everything I love in a picture book: gorgeous illustrations of a kid exploring nature, plenty of rain and mushrooms and fun patterned foliage. It’s beautiful through and through with a story about what happens when you put down your electronics/screens and go outside. A message that I hope hope hope my kids internalize.


Old Robert and the Sea Silly Cats, by Barbara Joosse, illustrated by Jan Jutte


We came across this book randomly at the library and Aki grabbed it because he’s into all things cats. I wasn’t expecting much but I was very pleasantly surprised about this gentle, silly, poetic story. We read it dozens of times and renewed it twice! Incredibly, I only liked it more with all the repeat readings.


1,000 Things to Eat, illustrated by Nikki Dyson


I’m going to throw this in here too because we’ve actually owned this book for a few years and it’s still a bedtime favorite for all of us, especially Lucy who LOVES food. Sometimes it’s a fun game to choose your favorite thing from a given page. Sometimes it’s just fun to hear the encyclopedic listing of cakes, seafood, and traditional dishes from around the world.


Sonya’s Chickens, by Phoebe Wahl


This is another book that we’ve owned for a few years but I’m still in love with it. This simple but very impactful story about a girl who is raising chickens has resonant themes of family, love and taking care of one another. And then there are the lush collaged and painted images. I admit that I sometimes read this book without the kids. For illustration inspiration, of course!

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