my happy february project

I don’t know about you, but February is my hardest month. Even though it’s short, it represents the dreariest part of winter for me. January has the shininess of new beginnings and resolutions, but by February I’m usually dying for some signs of spring.

But I know there are many many things to be happy about, even in the middle of winter, so this year I decided to do an art challenge in February. Each day of the month I painted a tiny painting, just 4×5 inches, inspired by what was making me happy that day.


Here’s the list:

  1. Stretching
  2. Savoury Baking
  3. Going outside
  4. family dance party
  5. My grandma’s teapot
  6. Playing
  7. Blankets
  8. Sailing ships
  9. Hot soup
  10. Sleeping
  11. Cozy treehouse
  12. Warm socks
  13. the library
  14. Making
  15. Sun breaks
  16. Running
  17. Reading cookbooks
  18. A band of ball-like birds
  19. Huckleberry & licorice fern
  20. Exploring
  21. Lucy’s new look
  22. Mermaid week
  23. Fermenting
  24. Cat cuddles
  25. My succulent garden
  26. Moss
  27. Comfort food
  28. Dreaming of Summer Gardens

This was a good project for me- it jump started my painting practice and got me way more fluent with instagram (I’d love your follow @quietestnoise). Plus I’m glad to have this list and to be reminded of how many beautiful, surprising, cozy things can take place in a month. It makes me extraordinarily thankful for some often overlooked things like hot soup, warm socks… even the bright green of moss after the snow melts.

IMG_1703.jpg   IMG_1714.jpg


E4969DA3-B0C6-4C36-A6EA-D773FF8BECEB.JPG   IMG_1789.JPG

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