the first half of the 100 day project

At the beginning of April, I decided to jump into the #100dayproject, even though my art goals weren’t super neat and tidy. I decided I would just paint every day- aiming for a half hour on average, and post about it on instagram. I was a little worried that I would be posting lots of works-in-progress and not my final and best work, but the project was starting and, like a said, I jumped in.

I’m so glad I did! Sometimes it’s difficult to drag myself to my painting table again, but mostly this project is pushing me to keep creating and reflecting and creating again. I’m even going to show some work in July! (more info coming soon)

Here are a few of my favorite pieces so far. And if you want to see how it’s going in the second half of the project, give me a follow on instagram @quietestnoise

mushroom guitar player.jpeg

mushroom backpackers.jpeg

mushroom campsite.jpeg

moth cityscape.jpeg



  1. I loved getting to see some of your paintings at your exhibition at the Madrona Wine Merchants! Each one IS a story unfolding. I have so many favorites among them: You are making the quie
    test splash this summer!

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