a february pattern project

Another February, another daily challenge to get me through the end of winter.

This time I chose to focus on patterns. I created a quick pattern each day, usually using watercolor, and then shared it on Instagram (@quietestnoise if you’d like to check it out). This was a fun and fruitful challenge for me…  but now the next challenge is deciding which ones I like best and figuring out how to make them into repeating patterns in adobe illustrator. My hope is to be able to make wrapping paper and/or fabric before too long!

Anyhow, what’s your vote? Which patterns would you most like to see come to life?

6C4DB72A-48EF-4073-BEDA-21873667B99B IMG_2720 13368D0D-0B1E-45B6-AB76-E1229E9B2FF3 F713FE16-21BD-467A-8F6C-1EBB3D29B6FC C3F5FA3C-EB31-4223-9CCA-5A517A6A2F12 8601F9B9-1AD6-4890-B984-D77E20DE60DE 6AF6DB59-C019-4B61-941E-DBFD62D58F66 A4F3711C-409A-4947-993F-C3171F19980D 92B2CD2A-CABD-47E3-AE72-E6837E3B5BF2 41E7746F-4EF2-45A9-B047-032A8DC52A2E 05D727CE-CD7B-430F-A43B-8C7FE5A4A849 E3DBA8A8-33B4-421A-B8FA-F1D010498099

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