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Crowds of Characters

My current obsession is crowds of characters. Is there anything that can draw you in like a mass of characters full of fun details? Did anyone else examine every inch of Where’s Waldo as a kid?

Here is the illustration I’ve been working on for the past few days:

mouse crowd.jpeg

Recently my illustration group pointed out the crowds in my new story and I realized that they are there as contrast to the main character, a book loving, timid, mousey… mouse. But aside from that they’re just fun to draw.

Here are a few more crowds that have caught my eye recently:

julia kuo.jpg

I just posted about this book the other day- Julia Kuo’s The Sound of Silence.

ben clanton.jpg

One of Ben Clanton‘s swarms of delightful characters.

Sophie Blackall.jpg

Sophie Blackall‘s subway riding crowd.

gyo fujikawa.jpg

Gyo Fujikawa‘s fairies from Come Follow Me.


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the world’s best dad

The world’s best dad isn’t this guy, although he’s close.

The world’s best dad takes the crying baby outside the restaurant when your college friends (who you only see once a year) are visiting from out of town, so that you can eat like a normal person.

The world’s best dad goes into work late in order to let you go running and then greets you at the window with a waving baby as you’re returning home.

And the world’s BEST best dad reads stories with the baby, because he loves books, he loves reading and he loves the baby.


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