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a few new paintings

Getting lost in this new nighttime world…

Rainy Night.jpgGrandma Turtle.jpg


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where’s mouse girl?

can you find her in the crowd?mouse girl and crew

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Ada at Sunset


Not only did I finish this painting during the day, but Aki didn’t wake up at all last night. Yay and yay!

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mushrooms and moonlight

Ada at night final 1 copy

My newest painting for Ada at Night. Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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old friends

I’ve been working on this painting all weekend for my portfolio. I’d been missing this motley crew from HERE WE GO!

through the snow

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Mo’s wide world… in which Mo is lonely



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what is daring?

Daring is swimming at night.

MP underwater frogMP spot lily pad

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moths in color

Moth Pirates lost island finalTomorrow I’ll be headed back to work. (Where did these last few months go? Oh yeah, breastfeeding a 14 pound baby.) But at least I have one painting done!


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a moth pirate

moth pirate

The paper buckled when I painted this, but it almost looks like an old document that way. Treasure Map-esque.

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I want to share…

…something, but I can’t settle my brain into one post topic. So here are some disjointed things.

I’ve been working on the story about Cat. The roly poly one in the pajamas, remember him? I was flipping through my sketchbook this morning and rediscovered this.

cat from sketchbook 2

Here’s my studio table right now. It’s nice to have it occupied with a big painting again.

studio table

I’ve been going back again and again to Helen Cann’s work as a guide to painting with patterns, but without ink lines. Check these out.

helen cann, inuk quartet 2 helen cann, inuk quartet 1

So beautiful. I would love a glimpse into her process.

So that’s what’s up with me at the moment. I’ll write another post when that painting on my table is finally finished. Cheers until then!

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